We can create themed events to delight your guests!

Theming makes engaging and memorable events

What makes the difference between a dull event and an event that leaves guests craving for more? Having a theme makes it engaging and memorable! How many times have you wondered about going to an event versus getting excited about attending a calendar-clearing chance to go to an event? Think back upon those times you Read more about Theming makes engaging and memorable events[…]

The Upscale Trivia Show

The Alpha Delta Pi Trivia Show

Online Trivia Monday Night October 26th at 6:30 p.m. EST! This is a private event for ADPi alums to come together, compete in a family friendly atmosphere and most of all HAVE FUN Sign up to play and compete and this is a family-friendly event. Disney Trivia: Free to attend and play! Drinks are on Read more about The Alpha Delta Pi Trivia Show[…]