We can create themed events to delight your guests!

Theming makes engaging and memorable events

What makes the difference between a dull event and an event that leaves guests craving for more? Having a theme makes it engaging and memorable! How many times have you wondered about going to an event versus getting excited about attending a calendar-clearing chance to go to an event? Think back upon those times you Read more about Theming makes engaging and memorable events[…]

We can create themed events to delight your guests!

Galas and Themed Events

Thinking about how to make your event memorable? Call us today to help you theme your event! Let us partner with you to make your next organization banquet truly memorable. We can help you design a truly VIP experience for your guests and honorees. We offer full-service audio/visual services and event rentals. Since we are Read more about Galas and Themed Events[…]

Bill Wheeler - Wedding Officiant

Who will officiate your wedding?

Need someone to help you get married? Here are five tips to consider when deciding who will officiate your ceremony Your big day is coming. First of all Congratulations! there is so much emphasis on picking dress, the colors, the flowers, the venue and the caterer. But what about who will actually perform the ceremony? Read more about Who will officiate your wedding?[…]