See Our Ultimate Home Karaoke Bar Setup

See Our Ultimate Home Karaoke Bar Setup ~ Click now to see the video on YouTube

Click the image above to see our YouTube Video

Hey, its Bourbon Bill here, at Bourbon Bill’s Pirate Bar. Here is our Ultimate Home Karaoke Bar Setup. We hope it gives you some inspiration and we have links to the equipment we used listed below.


see our ultimate home karaoke bar setup
see our ultimate home karaoke bar setup


see our ultimate home karaoke bar setup
see our ultimate home karaoke bar setup


Our Ultimate Home Karaoke Bar Setup

Here’s the list of items we used in our Ultimate Home Karaoke Bar Setup:

12-Channel Studio Audio Mixer
10 inch Android Tablet
Tablet Floor Stand
Classic Retro Dynamic Vocal Microphone
Rechargeable Wireless Karaoke Microphones
Microphone Stand
Pet Friendly Solid Color-5’x7′ Red Carpet
Gold Jacquard Waterfall Valance Swag
Thick Velvet Curtains 96-inch
VIZIO V-Series 5.1 Home Theater Sound Bar
USB LED Flexible Light
4PCS Stainless Steel Stanchion Posts Queue, Red Velvet Ropes
WiFi Extender Signal Booster | 2023 Release
4K HDMI Cable 10 ft
HDMI Video Capture Card, 4K HDMI to USB 2.0 Video Audio Converter

Please enjoy and party responsibly

Here are some items to help you stock your bar and enjoy your karaoke party!

Disclosure: I am always honest and transparent with you. Please note that some of the links to products and services are affiliate links and incur no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. But know that I only recommend products and services I’ve personally used and stand behind. When you use one of my affiliate links, the company compensates me, which helps me keep the lights on for this blog and keep my in-depth content free of charge for readers (like you). See our full privacy policy here.

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