How to make a Perfect Old Fashioned cocktail

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Hey, its Bourbon Bill here, at Bourbon Bill’s Pirate Bar. Today we are going to show you how to make the perfect Old Fashioned cocktail. The Old Fashioned is the one of the original whiskey cocktails. It was originally a mixture of whiskey and a bitters-soaked sugar cube and a little water to soften the taste, especially to drinking novices. The Old Fashioned is refreshing and easy to make. See our our twist on how to make a perfect Old Fashioned cocktail below.

The History of the Old Fashioned cocktail

First, it is important to note here the Old Fashioned was the one of the original mixed drinks using American whiskey, particularly Bourbon. Next, we know this because it was requested by one Colonel James E. Pepper, a bourbon distiller. Although some will argue it better with rye whiskey, you can choose your whiskey of choice as the base. In 1900 this highly-favored cocktail appeared for the first time at the Pendennis Club in Lousiville. Next, from our research, the original recipe called for taking a suger cube and soaking it in bitters then muddling it in the bottom of a glass.

Why is it called an “Old Fashioned?”

Since every bar was clamoring for customers, there became a plethora of new cocktails sprouting up everywhere, some were great, some well, not to much. Many customers just wanted a drink the “Old Fashioned Way.” Eventually, the name stuck. Finally, let’s jump in now and see how to make a perfect Old Fashioned cocktail!

Since then just using a measure of simple syrup and a dash of bitters will do equally well.

Here’s how to make a Perfect Old Fashioned cocktail

  • 1 rocks or Old Fashioned glass
  • Ice (we use a gentleman’s cube in the video, get the Samuel World’s Ice mold on Amazon at
  • 2 ounces of Tommy Bahama Bourbon
  • 1 ounce of Simple Syrup (we used Master of Mixes in the video, get it on Amazon at
  • A few dashes of Strong Water Bourbon Orange Bitters (get it on Amazon at
  • A dash of soda water (optional)
  • Garnish with an orange peel (a spirits-soaked cherry is optional)
  • Mixology and Craft Copper Boston Shaker set (get it on Amazon at
  • Biobubana Cocktail Smoker Kit (get it on Amazon at

Please drink responsibly.

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