How to Create a Perfect Couple’s Night

how to create a perfect couple's night
Create that special evening and make it memorable and magical. Use LED candles and you won’t even need external electricity!

Have a special occasion coming up? Celebrate that magical moment in style! You probably already have everything you need, a pop-up tent, a card table and chairs and nice place settings. Get some LED candles to set the mood and pick a place as easy as your back yard, or a favorite park or even the beach!

This can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Fabric goes a long way to dress up the event and you can theme it anyway you like. Here are some ideas for your special Couples Night:

  • Couple’s Night Out
  • Proposals (we can do a reveal on the sign!)
  • Anniversaries
  • Special Events
  • Or just because!

Couple's Night

Theming your event (see our article on Theming your Event) will make the night even more magical and memorable. Do you love the beach? Go Coastal! Love a special movie like “Phantom of the Opera” or “Moulin Rouge?” Go black and red! Got the Gatsby bug? Dress in 1920’s style, it is really up to you and how you create that perfect couple’s night.

How to create a Couple's Special Night

Bring drinks and charcuterie in a small cooler and hot foods packed with hot pads, or cater or Door Dash food to your location, the key here is just a little planning and how you create your couple’s night will be both memorable and magical.

You put in some effort, why not preserve the moment? Be sure to take a lot of photos of the occasion and even create a small scrapbook or PowerPoint to record the night.

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