Theming makes engaging and memorable events

Ditch the dull, make your next event memorable

What makes the difference between a dull event and an event that leaves guests craving for more? Having a theme makes it engaging and memorable!

How many times have you wondered about going to an event versus getting excited about attending a calendar-clearing chance to go to an event? Think back upon those times you cleared everything off your calendar to be able to attend an event. Was it a one-in-a-lifetime event? Was it a rock start performance? Was it a recurring event where you had a blast last time? Chances are it was at least the last choice; you had a great time. Here is the best way to make your next soiree an engaging and memorable event.

Create a Theme

The best way to make your event memorable and engaging is to have a concerted effort to theme your event. From the invitations to the decor to food choices, be consistent with the theme. This sets your gathering apart from another dull cocktail party or dinner. Promoting your theme ahead of time allows for guest participation and excitement to actually come. In the event industry, it is common for a 25% no-show rate, even if the guests are personally known to the host. You can drive up attendance by enticing your guests to be an active player in whatever the event may be.

White night event aboard the inaugural cruise of the MSC Seaside
White night event aboard the inaugural cruise of the MSC Seaside

MSC Cruise lines is a newcomer to the US market, although they are the number one cruise line in the Mediterranean. One guest participation event they host is “White Night,” which is a nod to the upscale yachting lifestyle and style of party. Each participant dresses in all white and dances and parties the night away. This highly promoted event generates a lot buzz and is a champagne-filled, star-studded event where the vast percentage of guests attend. It is one of many highlights on their cruises.

James Bond-themed event
James Bond-themed event

Not every event has to be on such a grand scale to make both an engaging and memorable event. However, keeping the theme will certainly be a delight for your guests and shows thought and consideration. Consider a James Bond theme; who doesn’t get their interest piqued by the mystery and intrigue of what may await for them on the evening? For those seeking something more with a dramatic flair, how about an evening themed with Phantom of the Opera? Perhaps the seven seas are calling for some swashbuckling fun, plan a pirate invasion night. It doesn’t matter if it is a gala or an intimate dinner, the goal is to make it fun and memorable.

Pirate-themed event, complete with re-enactors
Pirate-themed event, complete with re-enactors

Theme your activities

The possibilities are endless, but theming alone may not be enough. Consider activities to complement and delight your guests. Although we have been doing our personal Christmas parties for over three decades now (which is I how we actually got into the event planning business), people know at 9:00 p.m. it is “SCAVENGER HUNT TIME!” We always incorporate some interesting twists and themes for the party, and of course there are prizes, but it makes for both an engaging and memorable event for the guests. The activities do not have to be complex, just well-planned with a modicum of encouragement to participate. Even those reticent to engage will see the great time everyone else is having and may plug into the activity a little later.

It started with a Christmas Party
Crystal Christmas dinner party theme for University Club members.
Aviation-themed event
Aviation-themed event (see how we helped Bozard Lincoln)

Need some inspiration? Contact us to help you plan your next event with flair. Our certified event planners can take your wishes and make magical memories for your guests. We work with events of all sizes and budgets and we know how to excite and delight your guests. If you truly want to make your next gathering both an engaging and memorable event, call us today at (904) 600-4554 and say goodbye to dull.