Fundraising events to get noticed

Here is how to gain recognition and donations

Your fundraising efforts compete with several worthy causes. Here are 5 ways to get noticed and keep donations coming

Being a non-profit organization can be challenging during good time, recent events have made it very “interesting.” While businesses are coming back and the economy rebuilds, your donations are more critical than ever to keep your cause going. These could be standalone events, or part of a larger donation campaign. Here are 5 fundraising events to get your cause noticed.

  1. Plan digital sporting events. During the COVID captivity, events have had to cancel, postpone or pivot to virtual formats. While it is very easy to simply cancel an event, your financial needs cannot simply be turned off. Consider pivoting an event to a virtual or digital platform to continue to engage current and prospective donors. For example the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride ( has an annual motorcycle ride raising money for men’s mental health and prostate cancer research. The DGR has pivoted their annual event to a digital platform where riders still raise team funds, but now this will be a solo digitally-recorded ride rather than large group events. Without a doubt, there will be an impact, but half a loaf is better than none. Consider similar events like running, golf, cycling or other activities you would normal hold.
  2. Create cooking competitions or tastings. This has been successfully ported to virtual meetings by vintners and non-profits alike. The event is promoted for a given date and tickets are sold online which includes wine packages, food prep kits or other delicacies shipped or delivered to ticket holders. The event engages the participant donor through a hands-on explanation or demonstration of the product. Hint: select an item with higher perceived value or a brand or item that aligns with your cause.
  3. Hold a live or silent auction. Auctions as a category lend itself well to either live or virtual events. You can tailor the auction items to a particular audience or open it up to wider tastes. Being held in a virtual platform, you have a wider audience to seek donations for goods and services, but understand local restaurant vouchers may not appeal to an out-of-state bidder. Products and services that can be easily shipped or used nationwide would be most appropriate.
  4. Battle of the bands. With the more recent wider acceptance of remote location streaming, hold a talent competition and stream it to a ticketed audience. This negates the cost of food & beverage, venue rental and other attendee costs, and perhaps several bands may want exposure (or at least practice performing) in front of an audience. Limited costs would include awards for the winners and a virtual platform to create the event.
  5. Schedule a “Drive In” event. Remember the days of movie drive-ins? If not, you surely understand the concept. In the new socially distance paradigm, people are still yearning for getting out of their homes. Host an event where a performance, a movie (with appropriate permission) or some other outdoor event where people can stay in their cars and have the audio transmitted to their car radios. The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp Baseball Team recently had a movie night with designated squares outlined on the field to comply with CDC guidelines. Food service could be arranged through car hops or curbside. Again promotion and ticket sales would be crucial and a modicum of technology setup.
Silent auctions
Live or silent auctions are a great way to get your fundraising events noticed

Need more ideas? Contact Upscale Event Productions at (904) 600-4554 today to help you implement these or other ideas for your next fundraiser. We have over 30 years’ experience in silent auction management, fundraising and other special events. Getting noticed is a huge steps in getting donations. We have the experience to get your cause and fundraising events get noticed.